Flat White Ceramics is proud to offer custom in-glaze decoration on notNeutral and other selected wares. 

What is in-glaze decoration? Our digital decal printing system uses advanced ceramic toners that allow them to be fired to the maturing temperatures of commercial glazes. This means that the decoration is essentially sunken into the glazed surface. Where you would see a raised edge on graphics in many cases ours are completely flat and integrated with the piece. 

What are my color options? Since our system is digital there is no charge for multiple colors in a design. Our 1200 dpi high resolution system really excels when high detail and complex color are of high importance. 

How durable are the graphics? Our in-glaze decorations will not fade or chip off ceramics and have no effect on the usage instructions of the wares they decorate because they become a part of the glaze matrix.

Why in-glaze decoration? If you're looking to create something amazing in full color and high detail the choice is obvious. The aesthetic value of an in glaze decoration is best experienced in person, follow the link to shop samples...